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Your favourite blogger is back again! My vacation was over and I am now back to the sunny place Dubai! Yes my friends, Summer is here to stay! haha

I am going to make another review of my one of my favourite things to do when I’m in the Philippines. I always make sure that I visit a public bath once a week. A great way for me to relax and enjoy the company of the people I love most.

I usually go to Halla Spa before, but my sister told me that there was another public bath located inside Clark Air Base and we made sure to visit this place right away!

The Airport Spa is located inside Clark Air Base and it was just across the Oriental Duty Free. It is open 24/7 and provides loads of amenities such as separate public bath for men and women, saunas, sleeping quarters, massage, gym and cafeteria. WIFI free zone too!

No wonder loads of Korean tourists flock this place because it was so close to the airport and it is clean, safe and very affordable!

The service was superb! The person who was assisting us was very accommodating and nice! She was really helpful unfortunately, I was not able to get her name.


The sauna and the public bath cost 350php and the massage cost 500php. You can stay as long as you want inside the premises. It can really get crowded during the weekend because it is a popular place for Korean tourists and students. It can get noisy at the public bath house and also the common area during peak hours. Make sure to arrive as early as possible to enjoy the bath for yourself. We arrived around 8:30AM and yet there were already people taking nice hot bath (jjimjilbang).

Individual lockers for ladies.


Spacious area for your vanity needs.

The public bath was really huge compared to Halla. I really like the hot jacuzzi and their cold and very cold pools. What I don’t like was their saunas inside the public bath. It was not really good compared to Halla.


I do suggest that they put Palochina woods inside the Dry Sauna for great smell and also, I am not a fan of their Wet Sauna because of the “Kulob” smell, similar to clothes that didn’t dry well.

The jacuzzi were amazing and relaxing. Though, the maximum temperature for the hot tub is 42-43C. That is freakin’ hot but once your body get used to it, you will feel relaxed.


The cold pools were so fun especially, the very cold pool which was around 20C. I love submerging myself in these pools! I enjoyed the very cold pool the most!

So after thoroughly cleaning ourselves, we went for a massage. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures inside the room. The room was nice, they can accommodate 2 person inside the massage room and it’s a no-talking zone!

They also have 3 other saunas aside from the saunas inside the public bath.


This is like a walk-in freezer!

I was well pleased with the Salt Sauna after having a massage because the scent of the crystal salts and the warm temperature really kept me relaxed.

You can also sleep here and eat at their cafeteria. They served some Korean dishes as well.

Sleeping quarters!

I really did enjoy my stay here! I will make sure to come back after 10 months of working here in Dubai.

Airport Spa is the place for you to relax and enjoy without breaking your budget!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! I will post soon!




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  1. Great review, thank you. I live just outside of Clark and didn’t know about this spa, just the Halla one. I will definitely be checking this out!


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