The Philippine National Museums: Fine Arts and Athropology

Hey guys!!

How are you? I’m taking my summer vacation now in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I only have few more weeks left before I fly back to Dubai. :c Anyhoo, I would like to share to you of one of the places I have visited here in the Philippines. My friends and I went to the Philippine National Museum of Fine Arts (Pambansang Museo ng Sining) in Manila.

It was my first time to go there and it didn’t disappoint me. Though, I was kinda ashamed that it took me a while to visit such a magnificent place. It is something that every Filipino should be proud of. I do encourage and recommend you to visit this place and other national museums that were located nearby. The admission is FREE. It is a great place to spend some of your lazy afternoons and celebrate the local talents of the Filipino people.

It is the home of the renown masterpiece of the late Juan Luna “Spoliarivm”. The Spoliarium recreates a despoiling scene in a Roman circus where dead gladiators are stripped of weapons and garments. This is the place I have long wanted to visit. I’m such a sucker for arts and history.

Here are some of the photos I have taken during my visit.

Spoliarivm by Juan Luan 1884

IMG_7911IMG_7912Look at this beauty!! It felt surreal seeing this majestic piece of art. What I felt that time upon seeing this beauty was something I cannot explain. I was so proud that this artwork was made by a Filipino. A bucket list for me!

Classic Filipina Attire
Working desk of unknown artist

Look at these rare finds! I wish I could paint like that.Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the artist who made this. But there is a high chance that it was Juan Luna’s art piece. (If anyone who can give some info about this, kindly message me. I will gladly edit my post! TY)


We also went to National Museum of Anthropology (Pambansang Museo ng Antropolohiya), around 10 minutes walk from Museum of Fine Arts. This museum houses the anthropology and archaeology divisions.IMG_7929IMG_7930

Baybayin: ancient script used by the Tagalog people.


I hope to learn this and I do hope they pass the bill to promote the writing system of this beautiful language.

There are a lot more to see when you visit this museum. Please support our local artists and visit the other national museums! Again, All museum are FREE OF CHARGE! 

I will try to update as much as I can. Let me know how did you spend your summer!



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