What If: You Were Stuck On A Desert Island? What Three Things Would You Take?

I can’t picture myself being stuck in a deserted island all by myself, but if that would happen I sure need to take a lot of things with me. However, since I’m up for a challenge that I can only take 3 things with me, which makes it interestingly fun and pain in the arse at the same time.

Finally, I have come up with a decision that these essential things should be on my list just in case no ship will come to rescue me. (I should have made my SOS sign bigger though)

1. Books and school supplies (and I meant LOTS of books) – yeah, the thought of being stuck in a deserted island is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a great opportunity to be in a quiet place all by myself. Where I can read books and let my imagination takes me to a another world.

2. A water purifier where I can make a potable drinking water using sea water. So that I can survive this horrible situation. Because water is life.

3. Lastly, I probably need to take Ben Grylls survival skills. It would be awesome to have a set of practical skills and put them into good use. Those skills will help me to survive the island and eventually finding my way home.


I know this is so lame. I can’t think of something interesting. Anyhoo, I will update this page  if I have come up with a better answers for this question. Thanks for reading!





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