How I Survived A Bad Break Up: A Personal Experience

Hello guys!

I do apologise for the late update. I have been busy with work and stuff. I also study at the same time. So please forgive me for not updating. On the side note, I have a Youtube channel! If you have time please check it out!

I want to share something from my personal experience. I do hope people find it helpful in some way. Anyhoo, I know this post is random. I don’t usually talk about my personal life in public but I guess this one is worth sharing, especially for those people who are also experiencing a bad break up right now.

So let me start..

Unfortunately, I went through a bad break last July of this year. It was devastating on my end because I have never thought that it would happen to me. To cut the long story short, the guy I thought I was in relationship with lied and cheated on me.

So how did I survive this shit? Well, these are the things that helped me to get through that shitty period of my life.


Yep, I cried a lot. When I say a lot, it was really A LOT. hahaha I let all the tears flow. It is understandable to vent out all my grief and pain I was experiencing. I didn’t hold back and let it go! I thought I won’t stop crying, but eventually I did!

I kept myself busy

During that period, I went to the gym and had a part time job to divert my attention and help myself from not sulking. I know at some point, all I want to do is cry and it is quite difficult to keep myself busy because I have no interest of doing something. That’s alright, just remember not let the mood to come over me.

Find emotional support

This really helped me a lot. I surrounded myself with all the people who appreciated and loved me the most. My family and friends. I think at some point, it made me closer to my siblings. I am so grateful for having them. My family was super understanding and supported me all throughout this difficult time. My friends never fail to cheer me up and constantly reminded me that everything will be alright. I encourage you to find emotional support (family, friends or therapy) because it will make your situation easy to bear.

Give yourself a time to heal

So this one, I do believe that I’m still on the process of healing and moving on since it just happened so recently. I don’t need to rush. I have to take as much time as I needed and find my own pace. And that is hookay!


I need to forgive myself. I was blaming myself to what happened to me. I thought it was my fault why it happened. I was so unforgiving to myself. I told myself that I should have known better. Then I realised that I have to stop the blaming game. I have to forgive the person and most especially, myself. It’s the only way for me to fully move on and start my life all over again. Cliche as it sounds but life is too damn short to hold grudges to someone.




Okay, I should have posted this a long time ago. But since I procrastinated a lot. I only found the time to update this in the wee hours of April 2018.

I can say that I have fully moved on with this. It took me 5 months to realise that it was not worth crying for. 😂 I can laugh about it now. At some point I thought I will not survive this and yet I did. It was a bittersweet experience and I have learnt so much from it. Like what my good old gaming buddy Ari said, “You’re totally in control of your life though and you can experience whatever you want to. Any life experience is good, even if it seems bad.” So there you go. It is safe to say that everyone experiences heartbreak at some point in their life. It is something that I have to accept and understand even though it didn’t make sense at first and eventually, I understood why it never worked out! Cheers mate!




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