Food Blog: Cisan’s Delight!

Hello guys!

How are you? It has been a busy week for me because I'm going back to Dubai soon. I need to prepare a lot of things and spend more time with my family and friends. But that didn't stop me from eating out! hahaha

So together with my food buddy; my mum, went to the city proper to try some Thai food! Cisan's is one of the many restaurants at The Quad in Nepo Center. Unfortunately, I was famished at that time that I forgot to take some photos of the place. Don't fret my dear friends for I do have some food photos! The ambience of the restaurant was decorated with different hues of green. I really like it since it was nice and quiet when we went there.


My mum is not adventurous when it comes to trying out new foods. I told her that Thai foods are extremely good! But she was still afraid to try some. Being new to the restaurant, she just ordered a Chicken Barbecue with Peanut Sauce. I ordered Fresh Spring Roll, Papaya Salad and Pad Thai. 



I delightfully like their Peanut Sauce. The Bagoong (Local Shrimp Paste) was evident on their Pad Thai and Papaya Salad. Though I forgot to ask the waitress to separate the sauce of Papaya Salad because it was quite a lot. It still didn't stop me finishing this good all thing! My mum did enjoy her meal and tried some other dishes! She loves it! It was her first time to try some of Thai foods. She really loves the Pad Thai and the Peanut Sauce. I did enjoy eating the Fresh Spring Roll. You can definitely taste the freshness of their ingredients. I'm getting hungry as I write this blog. hahaha

The restaurant has Wi-Fi and they do accept major credit cards. They do offer reasonable price for their dishes. The total cost of our oder was PHP970.20. Not bad for these wholeheartedly meals! I would definitely go back to this restaurant again, and I will surely take a lot of photos next time!



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