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Hey guys!

I know it has been a while. I am so sorry for the late update. I do have a new entry tonight. As you know, I am back in the Philippines for my summer vacation. There is one thing I have been doing a lot. Yep, you have guessed it right. Food Trippin'!

Since I came back, I have been eating a lot. I mean a lot. hahaha Well, since I live in the food capital of the Philippines, one thing is for sure eating-out is a must!

I have visited Oppa Restaurant near Walking Street in Balibago. They serve Korean dishes. It is one of the ubiquitous Korean restaurants in Fields Avenue. It is my first time to go there. At first, my friend and I ordered Kimbap and Korean style Fried Chicken. Since I was craving for Kimbap, I ordered and tried cheese Kimbap.



The restaurant serves at least 3 types of Korean appetizer and gives free ice coffee! They do also serve good selections of Korean dishes. Unfortunately, my friend and I came around 10pm so we were quite full at that time but that didn't stop us from eating this good tasting Korean dishes. After a while, my friend was craving for Jajangmyeon. This is a Korean version of Spaghetti but with black sauce. The serving was good and it is soo delicious.


They do have wifi in the restaurant so that is a plus point. Although a lot of people go there, the ambience is quite nice. They also do have a second floor for more sitting area. You can really feel that the restaurant is busy. When we went there, it was quite packed at that time and the turn-over was quite fast. So based from that, I can say that people like this restaurant.


When we were about to pay, we were quite shocked with the bill because it was cheap. We had 2 Cheese Kimbap, 1 Jajangmyeon and half order of Korean style Fried Chicken for a total of PHP630. It was not bad for that amount with an extremely good serving.

The verdict:

Yes, I do recommend this restaurant if you want to try Korean dishes! Good tasting and affordable. Visit them along Walking Street in Fields Avenue.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!





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