Hello guys!!!

Sorry for the slow update. I promise to share at least 1 post per week. Hopefully, I can do it without procrastinating. I just want to share a bit of information about myself. 3 years ago, I left my life in the Philippines and set foot onto the unknown land. Yep, I decided to work and live in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the Emirates in the UAE. On the top picture is one of the most iconic landmark in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai gave me a new perspectives in life. I have learnt so much here. I unlocked skills I didn’t know I have. So far, I can say I have bitter-sweet experiences living abroad. I know it is hard to live alone in a foreign land.

For those people who are also living abroad, I would like to hear something from you! I like to know how you cope and overcome some experiences you had while being an expat.  This is a great way to share and give some tips for those people who are about to decide something big and adventurous. I hope to see you and leave comments whenever you want!




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