Hey there! I am so excited to share my first-ever blog post! I welcome you all to my own little space. Hope you join me! My name is Analyn. I made this to share things that I like. I am so new to this and as I write this, I am trying to figure out on how this site work. I know it is a long way to go, but I believe I will get there!

Why Oly? Oly is my cat in the Philippines. I miss her so much and, she has a better name than me. You will learn a lot about me soon. I just don't know where to start. I am full of random interest. I love meeting new people. As of the moment, I am living in Dubai. I have been living here for almost 4 years now. That was my biggest decision in my life. To live independently! Oh boy, and it was the best decision I have ever made so far. Life has been great to me. Now, I want to share my passion to the world. Somehow, I can say I am a late bloomer. It is not too late to try something new.

Till the next post! Hope you have a good time!



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Go figure

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